Tired of wasting the left over paint on your palette?

Don’t scrape it off and throw it away, cover your piles of unused paint with Paint Savers®.

They stick tight to your glass,wood, plastic, or paper palette forming an air-tight seal that keeps your oil and acrylic paints fresh for weeks and longer.

Directions: Scrape unused paint into neat piles using a razor blade, be sure to scrape all the paint away surrounding your piles.  Then, simply cover with your Paint Savers.

paint palette covers
Paint Savers will last a lifetime and save you lots of paint and money. If you accidentally get paint on the patented gel strip, gently clean it the same way you would your paint brushes.

You’ll be inspired to paint more. You won’t worry about putting out lots of paint or having the time to finish. Just cover up your unused piles of paint and come back later, even weeks later!

We guarantee that you’ll love your Paint Savers or your money back,

$14.95 + $2 Shipping to:
White Light Creation
350 Mountain Meadow Rd
Kalispell, MT 59901

406 257-1552

paint palette covers


Includes 7 Paint Saver Cups
6 Medium;  1 1/2" x 2"
1 Large; 2" x 3"
(approximate sizes)